sleek wax review

Maximum Indian girls face issues with facial hairs either due to hormonal imbalance or genes.
So What do you prefer, face threading or facial wax??
Well from last one decade I had always sticked to generic facial threading only but due to sudden hormonal imbalance in my body I realized that the growth of my facial hairs has increased a lot .
Well that was alarming and I was not very comfortable with threading all over face.
So thought of trying out facial ” Katori Wax ” popularly called .I researched a bit on it and then got “Sleek Katori Wax” .
So lets find out how it turned out to be.

Product: Sleek Facial Hair Remover.(Pliable Wax)

Quantity: 80gm

Packaging : Comes in a metal bowl or Katori which can be directly placed in wax heater with a strong plastic spatula.

Sleek Wax

Method to Use:
Place the metal bowl or Katori in hot water or in wax heater .It warms up quickly.Once it liquidify check the temperature and apply on face in the direction of hair growth.
It cools down really fast.Once it cools down and solidify within 30 seconds Pull off the wax layer in direction Opposite to hair growth.
Clean with cold water or rub ice cubes.
Apply Aloe Vera gel on the area and massage for 2 minutes.

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My Take :
I was very scared and skeptical about using Facial Wax as I have never used it before.To be on safer side I did a patch test on my neck area and when I was completely assured I did on face.
I used this wax for Upper Lips ,Chin and Side Locks.
For me the pain was much much less as that compared to threading.And the results also were amazing.Since there are no strips required the process is very simple.
Just apply the wax once cool pull it.
Only thing to take care about is it cools down very quick so one has to be quick in doing the process.
The wax has typical honey smell which is not at all overpowering .
I did not get any type of allergy or side effects post this usage.
But once wax was done my skin was baby soft.
I have never felt this feeling before.The face was so clean and soft that I actually kept touching my cheeks whole day (hehehe)
I have totally loved the overall experience and definitely this is in my routine now.
I just wonder why I dint discover it before. 🙂

So big thumbs up to this product and yes I will definitely repurchase.


Hope this review was hellpful for all do try and share your experience as well.

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