Review:Winnie's Candor Face Wash and Face Pack .

About the Brand:Winnie’s Candor is an Indian Brand originates from Lonavla India started by a young enthusiastic lady named Tejaswini.I am currently on no chemicals for body and skin mission hence keep exploring natural herbal brands so happy to discover Winnies products.The best thing about this brand products is 0 preservatiives and 0 chemicals.The raw materials she uses for her products is of high quality .

What her website says about brand.

So all set for nature’s beauty rooted in real food?Tada..!*Here comes Winnies Candor (*ISO 9001:2015 Certified) to help you in imbibing natural and chemical free lifestyle.We perpetually aim at providing best source of natural beauty products from ‘OUR HOME’ This products are organic and homemade.Say BUHBYE to harmful chemicals and HELLO to Candor’s natural and homemade beauty products (95% organic,purity)Hug our products for keeping yourself glowing and nourished.Our products are suitable and safe for toddlers.We do not add synthetic pigments or artifical essence or chemicals in our products.We also export outside India.Payment can be done via Paypal( for foreign customers)

Products I tried :Chocolate Powdered FacewashGreentea Powdered FacewashCoffee Powdered Facepack
So the below review is based on my one week one brand regime.I used facewash twice a day and pack once in 2 days .
Chocolate Powdered Facewash

Method to Use:So I mix the required quantity with rose water and massage on face for 2 minutes in circular motion.

Review:Winnie's Candor Face Wash and Face Pack .

Since Its chocolate the aroma is so strong that I literally felt like eating it while applying.You can actually feel the presence of natural ingredients as it feels so fresh and relaxed after washing face.The best part of the facewash is it does not dries up your skin .It helps in retaining essential moisture of skin.So it works great for people with dry skin like me.

Greentea Powdered Facewash

Method to Use:mix the required quantity with water and massage on face for 2 minutes in circular motion.

Review:Winnie's Candor Face Wash and Face Pack .
The Active Ingredient of this Facewash is greentea.And we all know the innumerable advantages of Green tea for body and skin.It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body and skin.This Facewash suits sensitive and acne prone skin too.Many times when my skin craves for heal I use this facewash.It helps in soothing skin killing bacteria and shields from any new pimples popping in.Out of the lot this Facewash is my favoite so far.Its very gentle on skin and provides perfect lather to deep clean the skin natually.Its very helpful for pigmented skin.With its continuous use I have noticed my acne marks and pigmentation has reduced to great extend.

Coffee Powdered Facepack

Method to use:Mix the required quantity with rose water ,make a paste and apply a thin layer on face and neck.

Review:Winnie's Candor Face Wash and Face Pack .

I have tried many chocolate facepacks in paste form but powdered form I tried for the first time.The fresh strong aroma of this facepack tempts me to eat the pack.heheheCoffee helps in rejuvenating and refreshing skin .It instantly provides hydration and gives a healthy glow to skin.Since I have dry to normal skin this acts as a great moisturiser for my dull skin.I usually prefer using coffee packs when I feel too tired and need instant freshness.It’s a wonderful product and must must try .
Overall I am really happy with all the poducts I used.I would definitely recommend the products from winnie’s candor brand .

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