patanjali kesh kanti aloe vera shampoo
Hello Everyone,
So  I have another product from my Patanjali haul today for review.(I am going mad these days 😛 ).We all know the inumerable benefits of aloe vera for skin,hair and body.I am trying to include Aloe vera in my day today routine as much as possible.No doubt I could see a drastic change in my body and skin.
So this time my usual shampoo Garnier Fructis Damage Control was over and I thought its a good time to try Aloe Vera Shampoo now .I was searching for various herbal brands without sulphates and parabens and could find Khadi,Richfeel and Patanjali in list (thats very less actually).
So without much thought I picked Patanjali Aloe vera Shampoo and used it for 3 weeks before putting this review.
(Enough of story lets jump to review  🙂 ).


Aloevera,Hibiscus rosa sinensis,Ocimum sanctum (tulsi),Baccopa monnieri (bhrami),Sapindus trifoliatus (reetha),Emblica offcinalisamla,Eclipta alba (bhringraj),Lawsonia innermis (heena),Acacia concina (shikakai),Curcuma longa (haldi),Tinospora cordifolia (giloyi),Psoralea corylifolia (bakuchi),Base material qs.


200ml for 75INR.


Shampoo is light green color with gel type consistency and only little quantity is required to lather up.Seeing the lather I was bit skeptical if it contains sulphates or not.


You can get this shampoo from here.

My Take:

First I would talk about the fragrance.It has the best fragrance I have encountered so far in any shampoos available in market.It smells sweet like a fresh fruit thought no where like actual Aloe vera but its so refreshing and cooling that it makes hairwash fun.The fragrance lingers for long time .It stayed on my hairs for good one-two days.
Now coming to the shampoo,this shampoo is not meant for dry scalp.Its best for oily scalp and summers though.It cleansers scalp very effectively and removes oil and dirt in one go.It adds freshness to scalp and hairs which lingers for long .I have used it for 3 weeks now and twice weekly so it makes total 6 hairwashes.I really liked this shampoo.But the most important point is it needs conditioner as its bit on drying part.I once used it without conditioner and Gosshh my Hairs were so dry dull and frizzy.So Conditioner is a MUST for this shampoo.It works good on dandruff also .But using it with conditioner now after 6 washes my hairs are so soft healthy and frizz free.
I did not had much hairfall so can’t comment on its propoerty to help in hairfall.So in a nutsell I can say it will definitely suit below cases.
  1. Dandruff.
  2. Oily Scalp.
  3. Frizzy hair.
  4. Dull Hairs
I really dint expected this much from a herbal shampoo in this price range.
This product deserves a big thumbs up!!! A must try for these summers.
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patanjali kesh kanti aloe vera shampoo

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Stay tuned for more reviews .Do share your experiences also. 🙂
Take Care and Love Yourself.
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