Greenviv Natural Body Care Chocolate&Vanilla Natural Sugar Lip Scrub
Hello Everyone,
Today’s product for review is very special yummy product :).
This year Summers are at peak in India and over that the skin is becoming over dry resulting in flaky and cracked lips.
I prepared few DIY Sugar scrubs but they do not last longer since there are no preservatives in it.So it makes me super lazy at times to prepare fresh scrub everyday.Hence thought of getting a natural sugar lip scrub.
I was browsing website and saw greenviv and read the ingredients.Seeing the goodness of ingredients I was tempted to buy ,so picked up lip balm and lipscrub.Lets see how it faired for me.

What Greenviv Claims:

Smell it, Lick it, and Love it!  Smooth away your lip troubles with this sweet cocoa sugar lip scrub loaded with natural oils and honey is perfect for exfoliating & softening your lips every day for that pristine condition.What makes this lip Scrub so special is the Chocolate and Vanilla that exfolite and moisturize your lips naturally and give then a fresh look.

Price : 

5gm for 199 INR 


Brown Sugar,Coconut oil,Kokum butter,sweet almond oil,beeswax,Cocoa Butter , Honey , Vitamin E,Soya Lecithin,Vanilla Essential oil,Cocoa powder,Chocolate powder,tocopherol.

Shelf  Life:

6 months after opening the packaging.

Directions to Apply:

Take the required quantity scrub and very slowly rub on lips.Scrub for a minute or two and wash off.Then apply a lip balm.


This scrub comes in a cute small tub with a screw lid.You need to dip finger to take out the required quantity and use.Its unhygienic  but due to its thick consistency there is no other packaging which will go with it.
All the important information like ingredients and batch details are mentioned at back of the tub.


Availability is an issue for this brand on stores.However you can easily get them from onsite websites .Its also available on Greenviv website. I ordered it from Purplle.

My Take:

Since I was using this brand for the first time I was bit skeptical about the quality.But the moment I opened the lid,yummm the chocolate and cocoa butter aroma was sooo delicious.I knew I am gonna love it!!!.And yes its amazing.
The texture of scrub is very mild and its not at all harsh on lips.Its soo yummy that I actually ate while scrubbing :P.
The scrub removes the dead skin very gently without impacting the lips.It really exfoliates the lips very well and sugar ,chocolate and honey present in scrub imparts moisture to lips hence lips do not feel dry after using this scrub.And the best part It Makes lips PINK. 🙂 Yes I could notice the change it just one use.It made my lips fresh and pink .My lips  were little pigmented and it did a good job in lightening them as well 🙂
Plus the bonus now its all Natural,Vegan,Cruelty free and handmade what more can you ask from a LipScrub.
I am totally in love with this scrub and yes I definitely recommend it to everyone.A must must try !!!.
Totally worth every penny you pay.

Rating: ♥♥♥ ♥ 

Stay tuned for more reviews 🙂
Take Care and Love Yourself.
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