DIY: Make wall clock from Fry Pan
Hello Everyone ,
So one fine day I was on cleaning spree in Kitchen and found an old unused Frypan lying on the shelf.I thought to discard it but then an idea popped into my mind!! why not make something innovative out of it .
So this is what the outcome is and below are the detailed steps with pictures mentioned 🙂
I hope you all would like it .Do share your views and thoughts on same.
Materials Required:  Unused Fry Pan,Acrylic Colors,Brushes ,Varnish ,Clock Machine with a Battery , Drilling Machine,Fevicol .
Step1:  Clean the Pan upside down with a moist cloth.
Step2: Apply a coat of Varnish and let it dry.
Step3: Measure the Diameter of the Pan and calculate the center of Pan .
Step4: Drill a hole in the center using Professional Drilling Machine.
Step5: Now paint the pan upside down with any of your favorite color.And let it dry.
Step6:Once Dry take a print out of any of your favorite subject and cut it in round shape and paste on the pan.
Step7:Now fix the machine tightly and insert the battery.
Step 8: (optional) Mark the clock counts (number) if you want.
Step 9 : Tadaaaa your own personalised wall clock is ready 🙂
                     FINAL PRODUCT IN MY KITCHEN  🙂
Do try and share your pics and experience.
Stay Tuned for more such experiments.

Reuse Reduse Recycle.

Take Care and Love Yourself

Disclaimer: This is original piece of work ,but the idea inspiration  is Internet