Hello Everyone,
I have an interesting DIY Today.
Since long I had been searching for a lipstick stand which would be pocket friendly and not take much space also .
I had few carton boxes and foam(packaging thermocol) lying around in house so idea popped up and created my very own personalised Lipstick Stand.
Materials Required:  Unused Carton Box,Packaging thermocol foam,fevicol,scissors therocol cutter ,black acrylic color,brushes,picture printouts.
Detailed Steps:
Step1: Clean the cardboard box and seal it nicely with packaging tape.
Step2:Cut the thermocol sheet in exact size of the box and insert it inside so that it touches the base.
Step3: Color the box with any of your favorite color,I chose Black since I wanted to paste black &white pics.
Step4: Once the paint dries recoat with one more layer.
Step5: Now cut foam again same size as that of previous one and make holes with cutter to fit the lipsticks.
Step6: While inserting this foam make sure that there is a gap between both the layers of the foam so that lipstick with long body have enough space to stand.
Step 7: Take printout of your favorite pics and paste on the box.
Step8: Paint the box as per your creativity .
Your very own personalized lipstick Stand is ready . 
Hope you guys liked the idea.
Do try and share your pics and experience.
Take Care